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Review of XXXBlackbook

My first impression of XXXblackbook was that it’s for voyeurs and exhibitionists. People who like to share their kinky interests with the whole class and people who like to watch and listen.

The video chat is a good example. There are several rooms to join, depending on the topic (or kind of people) that interest you. Since the automatic setting is for video chat, it tries to turn on your microphone and camera as soon as you log in (a minor annoyance–I don’t like pushy software). Plenty of people in the video chatrooms have both on and some of them are busy masturbating for your amusement: mostly guys, though I often seen quite a few woman busy at it too. Also notable is the “Erotica” option under your personal profile. This allows you to write and share your own erotic stories. Most of the ones I read were more porn-y than “my eyes locked on his engorged member as it bobbed about like a fern frond,” though that’s what I expected from a predominantly male membership. XXXblackbook.com also offers a personal video upload option. Again, most of the videos are pretty graphic home-made sex videos.

Anyway, assuming you do find someone interesting on the site whom you want to contact, you can send mail, chat live or send a flirt. A flirt is one of those “nudge” type feature. You don’t have to think of anything original, just choose one from the dropdown menu. Overall this is one dating site I would recomend to anyone with a kinky side.

Rating: (8/10)