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Review of Ulust

uLust is the newest dating site to come out, with tons of members and a nice and sleek design this one is sure to go far. Checking it out I did the usual, I signed up first as a free member and surfed around a bit. Running this site itís always one of my main things to find how many members it has so I can rank it among the biggest dating sites. This one comes in pretty high with over four million profiles. Since itís still pretty new, you want to make sure you really search your area. When I searched mine I found tons of girls so I went ahead and paid for the membership. I was expecting to be let down but sure enough the experience was good after paying. I went in and searched and started messaging left and right hoping to get a bite. At first I though it was doing no good but after a little while I got a couple of messages back. I still havenít met anyone off of it but I talk to one girl online regularly and we plan on getting together soon :)

Rating: (8/10)